Executive Management


Jarett S. Levan

President, BBX Capital
Co-Managing Partner, BBX Capital Partners

Jarett S. Levan is President of BBX Capital (NYSE: BBX) and has served on its Board of Directors and that of its former banking subsidiary, BankAtlantic, since 1999. Mr. Levan also serves as Co-Managing Partner of BBX Capital Partners, President…

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John E. Abdo

Vice Chairman, BBX Capital

Mr. John E. Abdo has served as Vice Chairman of BBX Capital Corporation (NYSE: BBX), formerly known as BankAtlantic Bancorp, since 1994, and as Vice Chairman of its former banking subsidiary BankAtlantic. Mr. Abdo has served as a director…

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Seth M. Wise

Executive Vice President, BBX Capital
President, BBX Capital Asset Management

Seth M. Wise is Executive Vice President of BBX Capital (NYSE: BBX), President of BBX Capital Real Estate, and serves as Executive Vice President and Director of BFC Financial Corporation (OTCQX: BFCF). He has more than 20 years of experience…